Stewards of the Community

We believe investing in people means giving back to the broader community.

The following efforts help us pay our success forward and give our teams a platform to connect to the community:

Community Sponsorship

We sponsor and participate in a variety of events that help us engage with the community while doing good. Past events have included:

Community Roundtable

Each year, we host a Roundtable Dinner with a group of multidisciplinary thought leaders to get a grassroots perspective on a themed macroeconomic challenge. Attendees are invited to share ideas, ask questions and engage in conversation with people outside their day-to-day work.

Charitable Foundation and Contributions

We give a material portion of our fee back to Endowment Fund clients to contribute to the organization’s charitable efforts.

The AGW Foundation is a donor-advised fund through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, which we use to fund donations to a variety of charitable organizations throughout the year.

We also provide financial support to various healthcare, education, and nonprofit support organizations that ensure a healthy future for our communities and children.

Local Community Support

We serve as volunteer Advisors on the boards of community organizations such as Tampa Bay History Center, St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School, LifeLink Foundation, AMIkids, and Ryan Nece Foundation, among others.

Learn more about our commitment to the community and how you can support our efforts.