Sophisticated advice to simplify
complex investment decisions

Core Services

A Robust Client Service Model is Applied to Each Client Relationship.

AGW’s principals function as a de-facto chief investment officer and investment office, providing clients with the same suite of tools and services typically employed by significantly larger institutional investors.

Our process starts with a robust strategic discussion about your goals and objectives. We use this information to create a personalized investment plan, select your investments and provide on-going monitoring.

Investment Policy Statement Design and Preparation

The asset allocation process begins with a three-dimensional risk assessment to ensure that each client’s viewpoint is consistent with the goals identified during discovery. Our purpose-based framework then analyzes each client’s situation and develops a customized risk-return profile utilizing multiple asset classes.

Strategic asset allocation

Our portfolios are constructed based on each client’s unique goals and objectives.  We use a mix of investment styles, strategies and managers to create diversified portfolios characterized by low historical correlation between the major asset classes along with attractive risk-return metrics.

Portfolio construction

We use quantitative and qualitative tools to identify investment managers that meet our standards for generating attractive risk-adjusted returns, adhering to stated style mandates, and following a repeatable investment process.

Investment Manager Search and Selection

AGW provides clients with consolidated performance reporting that is comprehensive and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Performance Measurement and Evaluation

As AGW is independent, we are ideally structured to evaluate bank custody, brokerage solutions and record keepers for our clients, helping ensure that the safekeeping of their assets is strong, administering requests is efficient, and the costs and needs of our clients are appropriately aligned.

Custody and record keeper search and selection

Apprised of fiduciary best practices and standards, AGW helps trustees manage their legal, ethical and moral responsibilities. AGW helps trustees follow a thorough and prudent process, understand the rules and regulations governing decision making, take advantage of available safe harbors, and then document decision making.

Fiduciary oversight

AGW provides plan sponsors of 401(k) plans several options to enhance financial outcomes for their employees and participants. We work closely with record keepers to  help ensure that employees have a plan in place, are prudently diversified, and are progressing towards the achievement of their individual goals.

401(k) education, guidance and advice

AGW takes the analysis and forecast of our clients’ Chief Financial Officers and actuaries to design an optimal investment strategy that matches or immunizes assets with the liabilities, mitigating risks to corporate finances and funded status.

Corporate asset spending and asset liability studies

We work closely with clients’ attorneys, accountants, ERISA counsel, third-party administrators, custodians, etc., acting as the “first call” and a single point of contact for their comprehensive needs.

Ancillary Services